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Success Stories



I am a mom, waitress, cook and volleyball coach.  I'm a very active person.  About 10 years ago I changed to a pillowtop mattress, and some how hurt my back.  I been to the point of not being able to get in and out of bed/car with out help. I went to other chiropractors and wasn't getting better. I coached Dr. Reich's daughter and she said "Go to my Dad".  So I did, best decision I made, Dr. Brad gets me back to normal within a few visits.  I now I am on a maintance program.  I've learned so much about Chiropractic since seeing  Dr. Reich & his staff.   They want to help my whole family.  I recommend Dr. Reich to EVERYONE.

I have a 16 -year daughter who was born with cranial facial anomaly, which was corrected with surgery but left her with eye problems. She also has Autistic learning issues. I took her to Reich Chiropractic when she was 10 years old. She has Cerebral Palsy and blindness in her left eye. It caused her head to tilt a little to the side and she had a curved spine, headaches and stiffness. Dr. Reich's treatments were like someone flipped a light-switch and turned on her brain. Academic achievement accelerated. She became more socially active. Her headaches and stiffness went away. I believe Chiropractic was the key to her academic growth and social strengthening. She is very confident and comfortable now. I couldn't recommend Chiropractic enough. Reich Chiropractic has helped us immensely. Now my daughter and I go together for a treatment and we laugh a giggle the entire time we are there.

Rosa,   I am a mother of a 5 year old little girl.   She has seen Dr. Brad due to breathing problems before.  She got a new Pediatrician.  Her new doctor said she does not believe in chiropractors.   My daughter was having breathing problems at this time, which her doctor referred to allergies.  So, I told her I would stop taking her the the chiropractor if she could fix her.  A year later and at least 7 different meds(some which were steroids)she still has the "Allergy problem".  She has an appointment at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee for her "allergy problem".  I stopped her meds for 6 days and worried I would have to take her to the E.R. due to her breathing.  Since returning to Dr. Reich, she has been med free for at least a week.  She's breathing better now than all year.  All due to returning to Dr. Brad.

Duane,  I am a 60 year old male.  And came in to Dr. Reich's with a bad back.  With every treatment I am getting better and better.  I would recommend Reich Chiropractic Clinic.

I am a Child Care Provider for past 18 years, I hurt my neck and back and couldn't move.  Chiropractic has helped me, I am moving so much better and have less pain after a few adjustments.  I would recommend Reich Chiropractic Clinic.


I am 37 years old, and in Hotel Management, married with 3 kids.  I came to Reich Chiropractic Clinic with some low back pain, and some pain through my neck and shoulders.  Since starting treatments I am feeling great, I feel more loose and dont have pain in my back at the end of the day. I still do the same things but now I don't have pain afterwords.  I would recommend Reich Chiropractic Clinic 


I came to Reich Chiropractic Clinic which my son recommended.  I had a frozen shoulder, and trouble lifting my arms.    I am now able to lift my arms and move my shoulder.    Dr. Reich also recommended me to do some exercises.  I would recommend Reich Chiropractic Clinic to others.


 I am a 73 yr.old woman who is now retired. Back in the 80's, I was a bank teller and had two major back surgeries.  My lower back has never really stopped troubling me.  Last few years I had to use a walker.  The treatment plan I received at Reich Chiropractic was great.  I move around much better and Im even getting up out of my chair alot easier.   I would recomment Reich Chiropractic to others.

I am a 55 year old former store owner with a joint problem. I have pain and I am unable to enjoy life. I have been to other chiropractors and even had physical therapy. I don’t want to be on pain medication that may damage my heart and liver. My daughter recommended Dr. Reich to me. She told me how much he helped her. Now I feel great. I do not need to resort to drugs for relief. I like the entire approach for diet nutrition and education. This is different from other chiropractors. I can walk easier. My pain level went down a great deal after just 2 or 3 weeks of treatment. I recommend Reich Chiropractic to others now.


I am a 41 year old pregnant female who works in the health care field and also going to school for nursing.   I was in a car accident.  The vehicle I was in was hit from the back.  The treatment plan that I was in at Reich's was very helpful and very resourceful.   Chiropractic has changed my life style because I didn't realize all of the services chiropractic offers. 


I am a 67 year old female.  I was in a car accident.  I came to Reich Chiropractic Clinic with severe pain. Now I feel great.  Chiropractic has helped so much and I would recommend  Reich Chiropractic Clinic to everyone.


I am a 45 year old male, I am a TMC driver for the Beloit Daily News.  I was having severe low back pain and in my upper back. Along with headaches.  All this resulted in me getting only 3-4 hrs of sleep every night.  Since coming to Reich Chiropractic Clinic my upper back is pain-free, the headaches are virtually gone and my lower back is improving.  And now I'm getting 8-10 hrs of restful sleep.  I feel more energetic and well rested.  I would recommend Reich Chiropractic Clinic. 


I am a 67 yr old female, who is retired from Chrysler, where I worked on the line and on my feet all day.  I came to Dr. Reich because of a knee problem.  I had a pain between my shoulders for sometime but had lived with it.  My treatment plan helped things I didn't even know was bothering me.  It has even helped the neuropathy in my feet.  My total health and well being has improved.  I had cancer 6yrs ago and this is the best I have felt since before my chemo. I sleep better, my health has improved. I have more energy.  My feet are so much better and I can enjoy my evening without the discomfort from them.  I would recommend Reich Chiropractic Clinic.


I was in a bad car accident in 2012, the result of the accident was brain cervical fusion C-1, C-2, C-3, lumbar fusion , factured pelvic and femur.  The symptoms I was having were severe sharp pain, numbness in my legs and fingers. Severe headaches.  Upper and lower back pain.  I was taking pain medications, muscle relaxers etc.   I could not be actice socially due to medications, sleep disorder and limited movement.   My lovely wife, Carlota started to see Dr. Reich for her symptoms, (pain in the shoulders, lower back).  I decided to make an appointment for an exam and got started right away.  I was introduced to Dynamic Greens and Vitamin Supplements.  In my second week, I took  no pain medicatin , lost 3 lbs, and I can move better and I'm more alert.  I would recommend Reich Chiropractic Clinic, I would like to say "Don't suffer anymore, come in for an exam and let Dr. Reich tell you how he can help you, and have faith and you will heal."   I feel Healthy, Lighter, more productive in my personal life and I'm glad and HAPPY that I made the right decision.



I am a 56 year old bank teller and a single mother with a very busy schedule. I came in to see Dr. Reich 25 years ago. Dr. Brad has been a life saver to me for over 25 years! He always goes above and beyond for the needs of his patients. Knowing that I don't have to hurt is amazing. I trust Reich Chiropractic Clinic to always take amazing care of me and they never let me down. I would definitely recommend Chiropractic to anyone. 


I am a 28 year old resturant manager and mother of a toddler. I came in to see Dr. Reich because I was having servere headaches and back pain. My treatment plan has been a huge help and I plan on continuing to come in to sustain the relief. Since coming in to see Dr. Reich, I have more energy to spend with my daughter and I have more clarity in my day-to-day life. 


I am a 28 year old mother with 2 kids and also going to school to be a nurse. My 6 week old son had colic so bad and would never sleep.  I came to Reich Chiropactic Clinic to see if they could help my son. When I came in, Dr. Reich did some simple excersizes and stretches on my son. I love this place and would recommend it to EVERYONE! My son is like a whole new baby. He is eating better, sleeping better and going to the bathroom like he should be. It's almost like the colic is non-existant now. I would greatly recommend Reich Chiropractic Clinic to anyone.